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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile


Buy Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile

For those looking for an affordable 4G phone in the “uncarrier”, behold, the Samsung Galaxy
Light. A small smartphone that will fit in almost any pocket and will be within most budgets,
that doesn’t try to be more than what it is.

It’s body is the size of the iPhone 4, but the screen is 4 inches diagonally, the size of the
iPhone 5. For today’s standards, it’s tiny. Looking at it, it will remind you of the Galaxy S3
Mini, it’s almost identical. Although a little bulky, still feels very compact and light (no pun
intended) at 4.37 oz.

So, what’s the most attractive feature of the Samsung Galaxy Light from T-Mobile? The price: 0 dollars. Yes, that’s it: “nada” dollars.. upfront, I mean, if you get it with a 2 year contract with T-Mobile, where you
would be paying 10 extra bucks a months for the duration of it. If you want to pay full price,
it’s $140 at Amazon.com

So why would you choose this one? Because it belongs to the prestigious Galaxy line of phones. It
has most of the premium phones’ features, although at not “premium level”. What I mean with this
is that it’s a quad core processor but only 1.4GHz, Front and back camera but no good indoors and
focusing is kind of slow, battery duration is “meh” (will last a day of light use) and yes, it
has the 4G LTE capability, so network speed is going to be very good. The body is shiny glossy
plastic with a removable back that reveals the battery and the micro-sd slot. This glossy finish
will catch fingerprints easy.
On the front, you’ll see the typical Samsung physical home button, with two soft capacitive
buttons, one on each side. The menu and the back button. Just like the big brother Galaxy S4.

The screen is a vibrant 4 inch AMOLED display, with a pixel count of 800 by 480 giving a density
of 233 ppi. Camera is 5 megapixels, video recording only up to 720p, front facing camera is a
disaster and the quad core processor is not very impressive.

Internal memory is rather small: 8GB onboard that can be aided with a big 64GB sd card (or
smaller obviously) with 1GB of RAM.

It comes loaded with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the usual Touchwiz layer on top of it, which
looks exactly as the Galaxy S3 one, with all those useless air gestures and stuff.

The physical measures are:

Size and Weight
4.78 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches
4.3 ounces

Wireless bands:
Quad Band GSM; UMTS: Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100)
If you like how the Galaxy S4 is, but you think it’s too big and you’ll never pay so much for a
smartphone, then this is for you.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile:

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Galaxy Light Accessories:

Unlock HTC M8 – Code name for new HTC One

Unlock HTC M8 – Unlock HTC One


There are lots of leaks and rumors about the latest HTC device and it’s apparently referred to as the HTC M8 and is the successor to the HTC One.  And might be called…….the HTC One.  Not to be confused with the HTC One.  Or One X, One S, etc.  Probably not the best name if you want to differentiate the device from it’s predecessor but it’s not the first time the newest release in a device line has the same name as the device before it.  Rumors right now have the device with a 5 inch screen, a Snapdragon 800 chip and we can only assume a camera that rivals the one the current HTC One has.

Check out what the rest of the internet has to say about the rumored new HTC One, aka HTC M8:

New HTC One to Launch in March with Improved Camera, Report Says  |  TechnoBuffalo

HTC’s next flagship expected to launch in March, will come with a 5-inch display  |  MobileSyrup

If you’re as excited about the HTC One, or HTC M8, as we are you’re probably also going to want to unlock it.  We’ve got you covered there.  We’ve checked with our usual sources and both confirm they will be able to unlock this device shortly after it launches.  Both unlock code vendors are also partnered with TrialPay and can offer free HTC M8 or HTC One unlock codes.  Just choose TrialPay at checkout, complete the TrialPay offer and receive your free IMEI HTC M8 or HTC One unlock code.

Unlock HTC M8  –  GSMUnlockLabs

Code for unlocking HTC M8UCPC

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q for Free

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q

We keep hearing about leaks and rumors regarding LG’s latest attempt to keep the physical QWERTY keyboard alive, the LG Optimus F3Q.  The most recent leaks include the image of the device below.  The latest leak also includes some specs for the device that’s rumored to be heading to T-Mobile.  The Optimus F3Q should arrive sporting a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, a 4 inch WVGA display, LTE capable and a 5MP camera.

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q

You might think it’s odd to see a new Android phone being released with a full, physical, QWERTY keyboard but LG sure doesn’t.  There are plenty of people out there (Blackberry users!) that still prefer a real keyboard.  We are convinced those people are afraid of a touchscreen keyboard and simply haven’t used one….but we’re also sure none of them would ever admit such a thing.  And so phone manufacturers, it seems, will continue to make phones that cater to these fools users.

The phone is expected to be launched on T-Mobile at the end of this month.  The date we’ve seen is January 22….which is very soon, so we’ll see.


If you’re looking to unlock the LG Optimus F3Q both sites below assure us that once the phone drops they’ll be able to unlock it and better yet, both of them will have a free unlock code option available.

Unlock LG Optimus F3QGSMUnlockLabs

Code for unlocking LG Optimus F3QUCPC


For more details on the latest LG Optimus F3Q leaks, check out the links below:

LG F3Q for T-Mobile shows off a new look in latest leak  |  Pocketnow

LG Optimus F3Q Leaks Again With Slide-Out Keyboard  |  TechnoBuffalo

Unlock LG G Flex for Free

Unlock LG G Flex for Free

LG announce the G Flex this week at CES and in some respects have launched a new phone with a completely new form factor…..ala Flex.  We’re not 100% convinced the curved phone is enough to justify the probably $200 – $300 more that you’ll pay for this device than you would for a comparable phone (LG G2, Samsung GS4, etc).  That said – the phone does measure in with a 6 inch display, so has a very large display, even when compared to some of the other larger phones out there.  Not quite phablet, but definitely getting there.

Unlock LG G Flex

Buy an unlocked LG G Flex

If you’re looking to unlock the LG G Flex – don’t worry – we’ve already located two unlocking vendors that tell us they’ll be able to unlock the device.  Both vendors offer IMEI unlock codes which are permanent and both offer a “free” version of the unlock code.  If you complete your checkout on either site with TrialPay and complete the TrialPay offer you’ll receive the unlock code for free!  As usual – you can also get a free unlock code from the carrier the device is locked to – simply call them and ask for it.  Since this is a brand new phone many of them are going to delay you at least 90 days before they give up a free unlock code.  If you got the time – it’s a great way to get a free LG G Flex unlock code.

LG G Flex Unlock Code for FREE:


Unlock LG G FlexGSMUnlockLabs

Code for Unlocking LG G FlexUCPC


If you’re interested in some G Flex hands-on and specs and all the latest details on the LG G Flex we have the details below, check them out:

Hands On With the LG G Flex for Sprint  |  PCMag.com

G Flex: At CES, LG announces curved-screen smartphone for U.S. this spring  |  The Washington Post

LG G Flex – Full phone specifications  |  GSMArena



LG Nexus 5 Unlock Code Free

LG Nexus 5 Unlock Code Free

Google and LG have delivered perhaps the best Nexus device to date with the Nexus 5.  Add to that the very nice price for the device….and it’s really hard to argue.  There are reports that the display isn’t quite as bright as others and it’s competitors and they’re probably right – but we think most users are going to be able to get over it.  Easily.  And did we mention it’s running android kitkat?  well, it’s got that too.

LG Nexus 5 Unlock Code Free

Buy an unlocked LG Nexus 5

Check out some reviews, hands-on and detailed specs for the LG Nexus 5 and then we’ll get into unlocking this device.  All sorts of Nexus 5 details:

LG Nexus 5: Made For What Matters  |  LG

Nexus 5  |   Google

Google Nexus 5 Review  |  CNET

LG Nexus 5 – Full phone specifications  |  GSMArena

So now you’ve read all about the Nexus 5 and agree with us that it’s the best Nexus to date….and even went out and bought yourself one.  Now you’re ready to unlock it.  You can get an LG Nexus 5 unlock code for free usually just by calling the carrier the phone is locked to and asking for it.   For most new phones carriers are going to make you wait for a while or in some cases will even charge you for the code.    You can get the very same IMEI unlock code you’d get from the carrier for free by completing a TrialPay offer.  Choose and complete a TrialPay offer and receive your LG Nexus unlock code free.


If you cannot get a free unlock code from the carrier the LG Nexus 5 is locked to and don’t want to complete any of the TrialPay offers for a free unlock code you can purchase the same IMEI unlock code from either of the following sources.  They offer the best prices and fastest turnaround on the web:


LG Google Nexus 5 Unlock CodeGSMUnlockLabs

Code for unlocking LG Nexus 5UCPC



Moto X Unlock Code

Moto X Unlock Code

Moto X Unlock Code

Moto X By Motorola 16gb Available in Black White or Design Your Own Ships August 23rd


Moto X Unlock Code – The Moto X is about to drop on carriers all over with a release date of August 23rd.  This is the latest offering from Google and it’s supposed to be designed and assembled in the USA.  Designed and assembled in the USA does not mean that it’s necessarily “made in America” in that the “guts” are made in America.  In this day and age, sourcing all american made parts would certainly be a challenge for any cell phone manufacturer.  But…enough of that – get your Moto X unlocked for free when it drops.  Yes, FREE Moto X Unlock Codes.  Just choose “TrialPay” at checkout to get your free code.


Moto X Unlock CodeGSMUnlockLabs.com

Unlock Moto X CodeUCPC



There’s a lot of hype and rumors and leaks about this device.  Below we’ve rounded up the latest news on the Moto X offering from Google.

Moto X review  |  Engadget

Moto X   |  Motorola – A Google Company

Google’s All-American Moto X Phone Contains Few U.S.-Made Parts  |  Bloomberg



Unlock HTC 8X Free

Unlock HTC 8X

Unlock HTC 8X Free after this article – It’s been a busy past few weeks for smartphone releases.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the iPhone 5 launch.  Everyone that seems to be involved in the never ending patent court cases has dropped some new phones recently.  Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and several others.  In this rush to release new phones HTC has announced some new Windows Phone 8 models, the HTC 8X and HTC 8S.  The HTC 8X is a pretty nice phone sporting some pretty nice specs.  The HTC 8X is a very thin phone, measuring in at 0.39 in and like any new mobile device comes sporting a dual-core processer, the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4.  The 8X also has a very crisp 4.3 in Super LCD 2 with 1280×720 resolution for a PPI of 342.  It also has 1 GB or RAM, NFC and Beats Audio and comes with 16 GB storage capacity (not expandable).   According to reports the HTC 8X will drop on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

HTC 8X IMEI Unlock Code

Take a look at what some others have to say about the new Windows Phone 8 device:

HTC 8X: This Flagship Windows Phone Packs a Big, Beautiful Screen in a Slim, Blade-like Package  |  Gizmodo

How the HTC 8X stacks up to other Windows 8 phones  |  ITworld

HTC 8X and 8S Signature Windows Phone 8 Devices Coming in November  |  ABC News

As usual most carriers won’t be handing out unlock codes for the latest phones, they usually wait about 90 days before they start giving them out to current customers in good standing.   If you can’t get a free unlock code from AT&T or T-Mobile we have a few options below (one of them for a FREE HTC 8X unlock code):

Free HTC 8X Unlock Code – $0.00 – FREE

Unlock HTC 8X IMEI Code – $24.99

HTC 8X Unlock Code – $24.99

Unlock T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Relay

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Relay

T-Mobile and Samsung just announced the release of the Samsung Galaxy Relay.  If you’re a fan of a qwerty keyboard, you’ll like this phone but it really doesn’t have any specs that jump out as special.  The Samsung Relay will come running Android 4.0 (ICS), have a 4 in Super AMOLED screen (720p HD camera), a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and will be running on T-Mobiles 4G HSPA+ network.  It’s not a Galaxy S III by any means but still a nice little dual-core phone, especially if you’re a fan of having a real qwerty keyboard.  We can expect the Samsung Galaxy Relay to drop on the T-Mobile network in the next few weeks.


T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Relay IMEI Unlock Code



Here’s what the rest of the internet has to say about the announcement and the phone itself:


Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G T-Mobile release date: QWERTY keypad  |  BGR

T-Mobile Nabs Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G  |  PCMag

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G to hit T-Mobile in coming weeks  |  CNET

T-Mobile gets Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G with QWERTY keyboard and Ice Cream Sandwich  |  Yahoo!


T0 get your free Samsung Galaxy Relay unlock code you’ll want to call T-Mobile and request the unlock code.  If you’re a current customer in good standing usually just telling them you’re going overseas will get you a free unlock code.  As usual we’ve got you covered if you’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Relay and are looking to unlock it.  Find IMEI unlock codes below:


Unlock Samsung Relay T-Mobile

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Relay Unlock Code

How to unlock Samsung Hercules – T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II unlock code

Unlock Samsung Hercules - Unlock Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile

This guide will walk you through unlocking the Samsung Hercules, the recently confirmed Samsung Galaxy S II headed to T-Mobile.  As usual included in the guide are some links to reviews and speculation on specs and even some leaked pics.  T-Mobile will hold a press event at the end of August to announce the phone, so stay tuned for more details.


As with any unlock code, it’s dependent upon your IMEI so you’ll need to know what your IMEI is before you begin on any unlocking journey.  The IMEI can be found by typing *#06* on the Samsung Hercules keypad, or in most cases you can find your IMEI listed on a sticker underneath the battery.  Your IMEI will be the first 15 digits.


Once you’ve located your IME, you’re ready to unlock your phone and wont need a cable or any software to do it.  It’s usually pretty hard to get unlock codes for new phones from the carrier, so you may end up having to purchase one.  If you do, try the two sites linked to in the box at the top of the right column.  We’ll also link to a couple sources below in the unlock guide.


Unlock Samsung Hercules


Unlock Samsung Hercules T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II


Samsung Hercules – Samsung Galaxy S II Unlocking Guide:

1. Insert NON Acceptd SIM into device

2. Power on the device

3. Enter code when prompted

* Device should be unlock if code accepted

If “phone freeze”, you will require a defreeze code which means an faulty code has previously been entered too many times.


If screen remains at “no valid simcard” when inputting a non accepted simcard, take the simcard out and use the original simcard, or with no simcard and as if making a phone call:

1. Type #7465625*638*CODE# (CODE is the unlock code we sent you)

2. Phone deactivated message means its unlocked

I am receiving a code error and IMEI number is correct

1. Turn device ON without SIM card.

Once it’s on go to phone dial screen and DIAL: *7465625*638*#
it will bring you to the NETWORK LOCK screen.

– in MCC/MNC field enter code for the service provider you want to use your phone with (eg 31026 for T-Mobile USA)

check here for list of codes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code

*If your network has more than one mcc/mnc please try all of them this is very important

– in CONTROL KEY field enter the UNLOCK code
– hit OK
– you should get a message: LOCK SUCCESSFUL

Power phone down, insert SIM card you want your phone to work with and power on.
Once your phone back on you should get a message: SIM card added to SAFE list.

Unlock Samsung Hercules


Unlock Samsung Hercules T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II


Samsung Hercules – T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Reviews, Specs and Leaked Pics

Mystery Solved: The Hercules Is T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S IIwashingtonpost.com

Samsung Holding Galaxy S 2 Press Event On August 29thtmonews.com

Samsung Hercules confirmed as a T-Mobile Galaxy S II variantengadget.com

Samsung Galaxy S II Hercules for T-Mobile poses for the cameragsmarena.com

Samsung Hercules to be T-Mobile Galaxy S II variantcnet.com

Samsung Hercules – T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II Variant – Pictured, 4.5″ Display Confirmedandroidpolice.com


Unlock the T-Mobile Nokia Astound

How to unlock the Nokia Astound from T-MobileComing soon to T-Mobile:  Nokia Astound.  Current specs on the Astound show it’s going to work on the GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 bands making it an ideal candidate to unlock.  Unlocking the T-Mobile Nokia Astound will allow you to use almost any SIM or carrier in the US and across the world.  T-Mobile will sim lock the phone to their network, so you’ll want to contact them for your unlock code.  Contacting the carrier the device is locked to is always the easiest way to get your unlock code.  Unfortunately many carriers are reluctant to give you the unlock code unless your account is in good standing and you tell them you’re going over seas or give them another reason that you need to unlock your device.


To unlock the Astound you’ll need to get your code from T-Mobile or a source for unlock codes on the net like UnlockCellPhoneCode.com.    Your unlock code will be specific to your phone and your phones IMEI.  You can get the IMEI of your device by typing *#06# on your Astound keypad.  You will need to give your IMEI to T-Mobile or to an unlock service in order to get your IMEI unlock code.  Once you have your code you’ll need to know how to enter it and lift the sim lock T-Mobile placed on your phone.


Guide for unlocking the T-Mobile Nokia Astound


1. Power ON your Nokia mobile phone without your SIM card.
2. Now type: #PW+CODE+1# (Where CODE is your Nokia unlock code)
3. Your phone should now show “SIM Restriction Off” and is unlocked.