How to unlock T-Mobile HTC G2

The T-Mobile HTC G2 is a quad-band phone and, unlocked, should work on almost  GSM network.  To unlock the T-Mobile G2 you’ll need an unlock code in order to remove the cell phone’s SIM lock. If you’ve picked up the T-Mobile G2, it came with a SIM lock that prevents the device from working with another “unaccepted” carrier and only work on the T-Mobile network. If you remove the SIM lock on your G2, because it is a quad-band GSM phone, you are free to use it on almost any GSM mobile network.

To unlock your phone for free, contact the carrier the device is locked to, like T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.  If the carrier won’t provide you a free unlock code we have linked to a couple of the best online sources for unlock codes throughout this article. After you obtain your G2 unlock code you can use the following free unlock code instructions:

How To Unlock T-Mobile HTC G2

1. Turn on your GSM mobile phone with an unaccepted SIM card.
2. The cell phone should request your unlock code or request a password of some sort.
3. Now enter your unlock code.
4. Your mobile device may reboot and should be fully unlocked!

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free code from your carrier doesn’t always work.  If you’re having difficulty getting your unlock code from  T-Mobile or any other carrier for the G2 we recommend or for all your cell phone unlocking needs.

Note: Instructions on this page (and site) are not guaranteed to work with every model. If you enter the wrong unlock code too many times you could enable a security lock on your SIM card.

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  2. sharif salim santiago

    I have a hct g2 and i want to unluck whit a sim of claro please help me?

  3. I have a T-Moobile HTC G2 and i want to unlock it to use Digicel sim i need help pleas.

    • You can call T-Mobile to request a free unlock code….

      Or you can go here: and choose “TrialPay” as your checkout option and get a free code that way.

      If you can’t or don’t want to use either of those methods you can choose Google Checkout or PayPal and purchase the same unlock code for $24.99

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