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How to unlock the LG Optimus 2X / G2X from T-Mobile

LG Optimus UnlockedFree LG Optimus X2 Unlock Code –
If you want to unlock your LG Optimus 2X you’re going to need an unlock code.  Below you’ll find links to purchase an Optimus IMEI unlock code and then instructions on how to enter the unlock code on your LG.  In order to get your code you’ll need your IMEI.  You can find your IMEI by typing *#06# on your Optimus keypad.  Once you’ve obtained your LG Optimus 2X unlock code you can enter it by following these steps:


How to unlock an LG Optimus 2X


1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card.
2. Turn on your LG mobile and it should display “Phone Restricted”.
3. Select “Cancel” and the LG phone will display “phone restriction code”.
4. Now, enter your LG unlock code.
5. Select OK and your mobile should be unlocked!



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  1. please unlock my lg optumus 2x IMIE is 356216040164800 thx

  2. COULD ANY ONE HELP ME UNLOCK MY G2X IME 012571001687223

  3. Can you give me the unlock code for mi lg g2x with imei number
    thank you

    1. i have a g2x but i live in another country…
      i needo to unlock it!
      Any help?

  4. can you give my unlock cod for my lg g2z
    my imei number 012571000264487

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