LG G2 Unlock Code Free

LG G2 Unlock Code Free

LG just released the G2.  Not an update on the Optimus G, or the G2x.  A new flagship device called the LG G2.  The device is a bit of a beast, but we’ll get to that later.  First, on with the unlocking!

LG G2 Unlock Code Free

LG G2 Unlock Codes for free!   The usual routes are available to unlock the LG G2.  Contact your carrier and ask for a free (you hope!) unlock code or buy one online.  The same options that always exist and both unlock your phone just the same.  The two unlock sites below offer a 3rd method that allows you to sign up for an offer like netflix or stamps.com or some other offer you might have been interested in already and then get a free LG G2 unlock code.  A two for one if you will.

LG G2 Unlock Code FreeGSMUnlockLabs.com

Unlock LG G2 FreeUCPC

With most new devices once you have your code it’s as simple as putting in your new SIM and powering the phone on.  You’ll be prompted to enter your code and that’s it.  Your phone is unlocked.  If that does not work there are various other unlocking methods for LG devices, you can find most of the covered here:  How to unlock LG G2

It looks like the LG G2 will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor for all models and providers…..and to not trade specs for this carrier and that is pretty nice, especially when we’re talking about this processor.  They got the processor right but for some reason decided to put some controls on the back of the device….we’re still not sure what to think of those.  Time will tell.  This phone has what it takes to give some of the top-end android devices a run for their money.  See what everyone else has to say about LG’s new flagship device the G2.

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