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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – Along with the trend of taking selfies – there is a trend of phone manufacturers making phones designed around taking selfies. We are all so very, very vain. Now Samsung has joined the crowd and released a “selfie-focused” smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Find out all the details on this new “selfie phone” and get the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime unlocked!

As we’ve mentioned – this phone was designed with the selfie in mind and to that end has a 5MP front-facing camera. Given that we’ve seen and reviewed some new HTC devices with 13MP front-facing cameras with LED flash – the Galaxy Grand Prime might already be a bit behind. The rear-facing camera on the Grand Prime is an 8MP camera with LED flash and supports 1080p recording. Add to th at a “wide angle lense” (85 degrees) to capture all those “group selfies”. While these specs aren’t bad – they’re definitely mid to low range for a new smartphone.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

While the camera specs for this selfie phone aren’t all that remarkable what does make this phone appealing is it’s thickness and screen size. Measuring in at just 8.6mm thick and a screen is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6. Unfortunately there’s not a high screen resolution to go with that screen – it only supports up to 960×540…..so it doesn’t even have basic 720p display. Again – a low to midrange phone.

The Galaxy Grand Prime comes with a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8GB internal memory. You can expand that memory with up to a 64BGB via the sd-card slot. Bluetooth, wifi, GPS all come standard on this device. This is also a dual-SIM phone so you can be ready to travel and switch carriers if need be. All of this runs on top of Android 4.4 KitKat and the Samsung Touchwiz application as is pretty standard with all of the latest Samsung devices, whether the GS5 or something down the power scale. This device does NOT have support for NFC.

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