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LG G3 Unlock Code

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A Bit of History

LG G3 Unlock Code – In the fast paced, ever-changing realm of smart phone retailing, it is often difficult to keep up with the latest trends.  Once there was a day when the technology we quaintly referred to as a phone was something we purchased and kept for the better part of a decade.  Phones plugged into walls and they stayed there safely.  Even when mobile phones began invading our public spaces, they were robust and hearty pieces of machinery that we paid dearly for and did not replace so easily.  Yet when Apple launched the iPhone in the Summer of 2007, it also initiated a year later a constant cycle of renewal where people had to have the latest and greatest.  This bit of history (though it is hard to think of it in this way) brings us to LG’s G series of phones, which first became available in 2012.  These high-end Android phones have been fighting with their competitors like Apple and Samsung, and holding their own in the process.

How to unlock LG G3

It’s All About the Display

For the most part, LG’s G series smart phones have received high grades, and the LG G3 (2014) was no exception.  Its competitors’ phones were often pricier, while the LG G3 was one that could be purchased without needing to consider a small bank loan.  It had all the bells and whistles of the others, and was comparably sized.  It was sleek, slim, and powerful.  Where LG invested the majority of its design ingenuity with the G3 was in its display.  The trend for smart phones has been towards larger screens, and it certainly delivered in this department.  The problem with the larger screens was sacrificing resolution quality, since there is only so much space within a cell phone for cramming in the hardware needed to power such devices.  The G3 boasted of and made a reality its Quad HD, a screen that presents the densest pixilation on the market.  All those glorious pixels produce a truly stunning display that, if nothing else, is pretty to look at.


More Bang for Your Buck

The former criteria for judging a cell phone’s worth was how well it made—and kept on the line—a call.  Early mobile users often complained of spotty service, dropped conversations, or lack of coverage.  These days, with wi-fi service nearly blanketing our entire existence, people want their smart phones to download and play, as fast as possible, the latest YouTube video that their friends posted on social media.  The LG G3 does this with ease and then some.  Although it is now headed towards being obsolete given the recent release of the G4, it still offers a valid, and less expensive, alternative.  Indeed, the G4 took many of its cues from its predecessor.  The ever-important feature of being able to see amazing video wherever we go has been carried over, since the newer model utilizes the same pixel density.  Therefore, if you want stunning HD quality moving pictures for less money, go with the LG G3.

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