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  1. how can i get my phone to unlock im jamaica

    1. monique – it will depend on the model and carrier but if you’re not able to get a free unlock code from your carrier, you can unlock almost any GSM phone here:

    2. i have the old moile motorola bravo i275
      has a special code i wante to open the mobil but
      i dont know can you help me

  2. how do i get the special code for my motorola i730 nextel phone.?

  3. how do you unlock a motorola sidekick 2?

  4. motorola mb200 cliq tmobile 356914024635064

  5. how do u unlock a motorola droid

    1. The cheapest and easiest way to get your unlock code is to contact the carrier the device is locked to and request it. if you can’t get it from the carrier the phone is locked to, try one of the following sources:

    2. How to Enter Unlock Codes on Motorola phones:

      Switch ON your phone with a not allowed SIM Card,
      Phone should show “Enter Special or Subsidy Code”,
      Enter unlock code
      Your phone is now unlocked.

      WARNING : If one of theses messages appear :

      – “Contact Service Provider”
      – “Tampert Alter”
      – “Wait before enter special Code”
      – “Contact Service’

      It’s because you or somebody allready enter too many wrong codes, you just have to let phone ON on theses errors messages and after 40 min to 2 hours maximum the message “Enter Code Special” will appear again !

  6. I bought a Motorola atrix 4g online. The phone is an AT&T. I am in Canada and my provider is Rogers. When I installed my sim card from my old phone, a screen popped up saying “Sim network unlock PIN:” I tried an other unlock system called
    Unlock Freedom and got an email back that said that they could not unlock this phone so they was willing to refund my money. I don’t feel for to pay and have to wait for refund. They take my payment right away, but they don’t refund right away, and that’s the part I don’t like!!!

    The IMEI for my phone is: 35364804249987. Can you tell me for sure that you can give me the unlock code? and I be happy to pay.

    1. You can get your Motorola Atrix unlock code here: AT&T Motorola MB860 unlock code

  7. I have the new Motorola a956 can you tell me how to unlock it

  8. do have a unlock code for a motorola v8 i have att but the phone is tmoble

  9. i have pantech c530 how can i unlock it..

  10. How do I unlock the service provider on my motorola a956 by verizon

  11. How can I unlock my motoroloa cliq or blur?

  12. Hi!

    I recently bought a Motorola Flipside running Android 2.1. It’s a GSM on ATT, and I am trying to make it work on TMobile. How can I unlock it for free?

    Thanks a lot!


  13. how do i unlock a att motorolla blur for different phone service

  14. can i get only 1 unlock code for motorola charm (t mobile) imei 352037040724805 ? i cant pay thru cards pl.

  15. Hello!!
    I have MB 200 from T-mobile(USA) but it is getting code counter block and how to unlock my phone???

  16. Have motorola atrix 2 need to unlock it please thank you very much for your help

  17. how to unlock motorola atrix with lapdock in the philippines.

  18. i have a motorola droid 2 global in need unlock asap 353650042988738 never had one unlock and i need this one anyone know the unlock

  19. i found a motrola photon 4g rom sprint. i want to unlock the thing so i cn use it anywhere? with a gsm netwark?

    1. that is a cdma phone and you won’t be able to use it on a GSM network.

  20. Kali :
    How can I unlock my motoroloa cliq or blur?

  21. can you unlock a motorola I1 phone so it can be used with a different carrier. phone used to be a nextel then a boost can it be open for any other carriers.

  22. i need to unlock moto EM326G sliderlocked to net10

  23. i want to unlock motorola i1 bosst mobile……00170073797690 ->imei

  24. please give me i730 special code imie#000100464017380

  25. pls i need special code for my motorola i1 imei….00170032836190

  26. i want to unlock motorola i1 bosst mobile……001700051822900 ->imei

  27. How to open my motorola mb200 in the philippines?can i have some pin?

  28. How to open my network in egypt on my moto x 2014 from at&t company

    1. This is an iDEN phone – we won’t be able to help unlock that device.

  29. How to unlock a Motorola Droid 3???

  30. how to unlock motorola razor v3 in egypt

  31. how to unlock moto2E(4GLTE) SIM network unlock PIN?

  32. My motoE3 sim slot has been permanently block how can I unlock for free?

  33. please someone should given me the unlock code for my motorola v8 imei : 359210010528844

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