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HTC Desire 510 Review


The HTC Desire 510 comes into the market as a great entry-level choice. With great speeds and lackluster design this phone is not winning the most advanced tech awards, but comes in very affordable for what it can do.




Many phones in the last few years have come out with their sleek aluminum casings that look and feel fantastic. Almost like a James Bond gadget with a microphone. If you were looking for an affordable look similar to this, you need keeping looking. The HTC Desire comes in at a girthy 10mm thickness while also weighing 158 grams. That is a lot of phone in all the wrong ways. The rear panel on the Desire leaves much to be desired. The flat grey casing is very plain, but has a decent rubber grip material bound to it.




The speaker is a short-lived beauty. The front grille on the bezel shows off what looks to be a robust sound system. Once put to the test you experience a flat and dismal single speaker. While this is a lame inclusion for sound, the placement on the front of the phone allows for the phone to be laid down without muffling sound quality.


The Display is quite sizeable at 4.7 inches. With size does not come quality with this 840×840 pixel density screen. Almost any phone at the point this market has reached comes equipped with vastly superior displays. For the price this is somewhat understandable but still disappointing. If purchasing this phone for web browsing and light reading then feel confident in knowing text comes through clearly.


The 510 comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor onboard. This boasts a less than impressive 1.2 GHz quad-core experience with 1GB of RAM. This will not stand up to the average phone in today’s market, but runs this budget phone very well.


The battery life is quite a bonus for this phone. A 2,100mah battery provides enough juice to keep browsing for hours on end. Even though a few phones last longer today this stands high with quite a few other options.




The 501 models runs on 4.4.2 KitKat and runs well. The downside is that this software has gone through more than one upgrade already. The HTC treatment has been applied to all phones in their line including the 501. This accounts for very similar looking Operating Systems on both this phone as well at HTC’s more expensive devices. Sense Software helps incorporate all phones in this line working the same.


This makes for an extremely easy to navigate experience that you can trust will hold up over time.




With a 5Megapixel camera on the back this phone can take low quality images that are understandable for the price. This rear facing camera can capture decent images in the daylight. Given any less than perfect situation and the camera begins to struggle.




The HTC Desire 510 is a fine budget phone. Each individual piece of the handset is lacking due to the cheaper build, but nothing is flat out bad. Consider only if you are trying to get a new smartphone on the cheap.



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