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HTC Desire 816 Review


The HTC Desire has a thorn in its foot from the get go. The One M8 is one of the most widely regarded phones is recent memory and all HTC phones will be held to a similar standard. While the HTC Desire 816 is sent out to market as a much more mid-range budget phone, does it hold up to expectations?




Outer Body
The bezel of this device leaves a bit to be desired. With a rounded plastic body instead of curved aluminum we have a much cheaper feel to the overall build. At 156.6mm tall and 78.7mm wide this phone is quite the beast to fit into your pocket. While this may not appeal to the entire mass market it does have a benefit. The wide body accompanied by the grip around the edges makes for a phone that fits perfectly in a single hand.


This is a default left handed device due to the left sided placement of the volume keys. These keys fall victim to the curse that all HTC phones do. Space between the volume keys and the bezel allow for a rattle that comes off as a seemingly cheap build.


The real killer addition the outer body of this phone is the flap door on the side. This flap opens up to the ports for all SIM cards accepted. The hassle that most phones create for the user by having to open the whole casing for this is completely removed!


As with many of the recent HTC phones, the 816 features stereo speakers on the front of the device. Their own amplifiers for extra volume power each of these speakers. This magically does not create any distortion and you are left with load and clear quality.


The internal components for this phone are very average without leaning towards bad or great. The LTE really helps to make the experience a bit snappier. With a 1.6GHZ quad-core Snapdragon 400 SoC and 1.5 GHz of RAM you can browse the Internet as well as videos quite seamlessly.




As with any recent HTC phone the 816 comes ready with the Sense 6.0 User Interface. This is built upon the 4.4.2 KitKat and is quite easy and simple to use. The simplicity of this interface is married with a great style that blends all interactions onscreen together extremely well. 6.0 is the greatest iteration of the software yet!




The camera on the 816 is in a league of its own. The 13 megapixel shooting quality creates beautiful stills as well as videos. For a front facing camera the 5 megapixel shot comes though clearly as well. When comparing these pictures to the flagship phones from all major brands you begin to notice the shortcomings. Shallow blacks and bleak colors begin to become apparent no matter how high the quality is. For a mid range phone the camera is fantastic. Just do not expect flagship quality images.




For an affordable mid range phone the 816 is near flagship quality. While the internals leave some speed and smoothness to be desired the build, camera and interface all work flawlessly for the tier it is in.



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