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HTC One M8 Review




The HTC One M8, HTC’s latest offering of its One flagship smartphone, offers chic styling and excellent usability. Measuring in at 5.75 inches in height, 2.88 inches in width and 0.38 inches in depth, the HTC One M8 is large enough for proper functionality and wrapped in a sleek, brushed metal aluminum, available in a gunmetal grey color.


Display Functions:


The HTC One M8’s 5 inch IPS LCD display screen offers rich and crisp visuals put forth by its HD resolution, which is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in size. The M8 operates seamlessly, moving from screen to screen and through typical functions quickly and without any hesitation. With an upgrade in battery capacity, the M8 also has longer battery life without charging the device compared to its earlier model.


Device Functions:


Powered by the 2.3 GHz quad core Snapdragon 801 processor, The HTC One M8 is top notch and houses plenty of mobile services and app software, on Google’s Android 4.2.2. KitKat operating system. Users have the option to either purchase the built in 16 GB or 32 GB storage versions. HTC’s custom interface, Sense, is present on the M8 and in its 6 incarnation. With five home screens that are highly customizable and adjustable, users can stock their screens with news feeds, weather, social media short cuts and other apps and widgets. Additionally, color schemes and color coded themes may be changed to match the user’s preferences.


The dual cameras offers a variety of shooting modes – LED flash, panorama framing, slow motion mode, multi shots and much more, all with the M8’s 5 megapixel capabilities. But that is certainly not the only new thing about the HTC One M8’s dual cameras. The larger lens focuses on the subject of which you are intending to take the photo, while the second, smaller lens has the ability to blur out the background surrounding the subject, for instance. Additionally, photo galleries are sorted by dates and events and a moving reel is created for image display.


Built in HTC BoomSound speakers offer excellent sound options. MP3 playback, TV and movies played on the HTC Sense 6, video games and videos captured by users will all look and sound brilliant on the HTC One M8. Call sound quality is also a plus, and users have reported calls to sound clearer with less background interference.


Final Words:


The HTC One M8 is a highly powerful smartphone which is quick functioning and beautiful to look at. It is comparable to Samsung’s offerings and definitely a giant leap forward for HTC. It is highly customizable and easy to use, providing users with plenty of electronic zip and flash.



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