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LG G2 Review


The LG G2 has a high definition 5.2 inch screen making it easier to use to view webpages, play games and take advantage of all its great features. The 2.2GHz processor and quad core allows users to surf the internet and download apps faster than ever before! Although powerful with numerous functions the device has been created with a slim and sleek design making it easy to store and lighter to carry than some of the 5 inch mobiles! If you’re a big talker you will be happy that the device has been created with comfort of use in mind so a lengthy phone call won’t have your hand cramping up. This is thanks to the rounded edges and tapered back allowing it to nest comfortably in your hand, even if they are smaller than average.


Side controls relocated


What makes the LG G2 different to many other androids is the fact that it doesn’t have the edge buttons. These have been moved to the back of the mobile instead, which is still easy enough to reach if you want to adjust the volume, but locking the phone can be more troublesome without flipping it around. The other option to locking and unlocking the phone is to double tap the screen, which many people find easier than the back buttons.


Android updates


Since the LG G2 was launched the phone is updatable to 4.4.2 allowing users to access more features, use full screen mode, which is handy for those that use their mobile to read ebooks or watch films. Printing has also been improved with the update making it easier to print from all apps.


Software structure


The LG software on the LG G2 has the split tray in between the apps and widgets but there are customizations made to improve user experience. Although you can still change the icons around in the shortcut tray, you can also relocate the main app tray icons. This is extremely useful if you are moving from a handset made by a different manufacturer, helping with the transition. Rather than having to keep revisiting the app drawer you can add a sixth icon. The soft keys located at the bottom of the screen can be moved to a position that best suits the user, making the transition even easier.


Within the app drawer you can make customizations including changes to the wallpaper and placement of the apps. This means you no longer have to keep them in alphabetic order, so your favorite apps can be at the top for faster location. To fit more apps on the screen you can choose the smaller icons, or go large for better view. Depending on the size you choose you can have 20 to 25 per page.


The ability to hide apps without deleting them is a great function for many users. It means that the settings and other apps that are not used often can be replaced by more frequently used ones, but still be available when they are needed.


Pull down notification modifications


There have been changes to the pull down notification tray too. In addition to the usual notifications you receive from Android, you can also make use of the sliders for volume and brightness. Save notes quickly with ‘Quick Memo’ and note down something you need to refer to later faster than ever before. Qslide apps can hover letting you put a calendar right  by the messaging or emails which gives users greater flexibility. No more side by side apps, unless that’s the way you prefer it!


More keyboard options


Easy access to icons and emoticons to add more emotion to your messages and emails has reduced the need for downloading keyboards elsewhere. The shortcut key gives users even more choice! You only have to hold down the multifunction punctuation keys to find the most popular quickly.



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