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LG G3 Review


The Basics:


The LG G3, LG’s latest flagship offering, provides high-speed connectivity and a sleek design. The new high-resolution QHD display, complete with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, gives users a crisp and clear screen with plenty of functions. A 2.5 GHz quad-core processor makes the LG G3 both high functioning and quick, so users are able to access content and features in a snap.


Device Features:


The initial and most obvious feature of the LG G3 is that there are no buttons on the front of the device and is basically all display screen. Function buttons are all apps that users can customize, add, remove and switch around with ease. The 5.5 inch display screen contains 538 pixels per inch and along with the super-thin bezel, the overall experience of gripping and using the LG G3 is both very user friendly and attractive.


One major new feature the LG G3 provides is a 13 megapixel camera with excellent autofocus, managing to take sharp photos swiftly and easily. As with the power button and volume adjuster, the camera lens is on the back of the phone, just above those buttons. To the right of the lens is the LG G3’s dual-LED flash spotlight and on its left is the laser autofocus window. With the click of a button on the camera display screen, users may take a selfie with the use of the camera lens on the front of the phone, above the display screen. And because both camera lenses may be accessed at the same time, a user can take a picture of someone or something in front of them as well as a selfie and have their selfie inserted into the photo they are taking, all at once.


A built in LG Health fitness tracker counts the steps users make each day as well as the distance in miles and calories burned therein. Further health related features can easily be tracked and logged using this fitness app also.


Device Functions:


LG G3 also comes with a rebooted Android 4.4 user interface, and instead of making things more complex with this added technology, they have actually made it simpler. Time and date are present, as well as a short weather detail, such as when to expect precipitation in your area. Some functions that were proven less popular on earlier models have been eliminated on the G3, providing users with features that have been considered only the best and most popular. One drawback of this QHD display and powerful user interface is that it consumes a lot of energy while functioning, so users tend to have charge their LG G3 phone daily in response.


With LTE data speeds, high quality call connectivity, a sharp user interface and slim, sleek design, the LG G3 is a certainly a step forward for LG and makes this model an ideal phone for users who want the best technology with ease of use.



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