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LG Nexus 5 Review


Users and those wanting to buy the LG Nexus 5 mobile phone were saddened to find that they could no longer purchase it from the Google Play store. It still remains extremely popular with many people looking for a great value for money device that allows them to enjoy the Vanilla Android experience.


Now that it is no longer being made, people looking for this still fast selling handset are still able to purchase it from the few retailers that still stock it but getting your hands on one is definitely about getting there first.


Value for money


Although the Nexus 5 is not as expensive as other handsets on the market, it is made of high quality materials so doesn’t have that cheap feel too it. The back of the device is rubberized and the corners are rounded too for comfort during calls, texting and using other applications. This device has stood the test of time and remained popular and sought after even though other mobile phones have come onto the market and disappeared. It doesn’t matter what you have on screen, the simple yet stylish design will not clash.


Android 5.1


The android 5.1 is an update still available to Nexus 5 users allowing them to iron out the problems that Android 5 users encountered, without having to upgrade their device. The better animation in the settings menu and the adaptability is something that users can still enjoy. It takes very little time to swap WiFi networks and you don’t have to go through the Settings in order to do so.


With the Android 5.1 still being available to Nexus 5 users, they won’t be left behind and bugged with interruptions unless they want/need to of course. The silencing mode for notifications can be adapted so that nothing at all will disturb you while you rest/are busy but you can adapt the settings with exceptions so that you don’t miss out on anything important.




The camera is easy to use and upload pictures for sharing with others making it a must have for those that want to keep up with technology without having to read an instruction manual first. If you want to use the device for editing you will be happy to know about the blurring feature allowing you to highlight people or certain parts of the picture by blurring the rest for a professional touch.


What other users say


Despite the phone no longer  being in production it is still for many the only phone they want to use for as long as humanly possible. Even though updates for the device will come to an end eventually, many customers are happy to use the current version so that they can continue to enjoy the great function and reliability of the Nexus 5 mobile device.


Users have said one thing that they missed when using this device is the fact that it doesn’t have an FM radio, however they can still enjoy music via internet radio and WiFi.




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