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Motorola Moto X Review


The Motorola handset the Moto X is quite a device. As an upgrade to the previous model this phone comes as advancement in hardware as well as design. While upgrades are necessary, this is the phone that Motorola should have made to begin with!




This phone is one of the most sturdy on the market. While the device is tough and well weighted the design creates an extremely comfortable and form fitting handheld. The main addition to the design of the phone that creates this is the curves. The back plate of the device curves out enough to match and fit the curves of your hand just right. Most phones are straight and cornered, which causes discomfort and quite a few dropping accidents.


The strength comes with a new edge over the previous iteration. While the last model of the Moto X had a rubber edge to it we now see something much stronger. An aluminum band has replaced the rubber and adds a very tactile and strong feel to the entire phone! Even the screen made of gorilla glass 3 is curved at the edges. The feel of the curved screen is different and very welcome.



The 2megapixel camera is a bit of a letdown in the hardware department. While it is a comparison to many other phones on the market this holds the Moto X back from standing tall with the top devices. A second hit against the handheld is the battery life. While equipped with the fast charging Qualcomm 2.0 charging port, the 2,300mah actual battery has a shorter life span than the average phone today.


The ability to customize the aesthetics of the phone through Moto Maker is a huge addition to purchasing the exact phone to fit you. Build a phone with white, black, wood of even a leather bezel.


The internals of the Moto X are quite impressive feat. With fantastic hardware like the Snapdragon 801 you can be treated to a very snappy operating system. The fantastic quadcore 2.5Ghz processor and 2Gigabytes of ram speed all this up. This device carries a very advanced Adreno 330 GPU and can handle anything that you throw at it. Purchase with either a 16GB or 32GB storage capacity.




This is a shining feature of the new and improved Moto X. A lackluster 720P screen held the previous model back. Coming into the updated version with low expectations for this feature I was blown away. The new AMOLED screen is just stunning. With vibrant colors and truly dark blacks the range for this small screen is fantastic. Everything looks better here on this screen that happens to be one of the best, if not the best on the market.




The Moto X is a stellar upgrade to the previous model of the same phone. While there are still a few limitations in the short battery life and less than perfect camera quality, we are still gifted a great addition to the smartphone market.



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