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Get a free Samsung Galaxy S6 unlock code.  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.  Choose and complete a TrialPay offer, supply your IMEI, model and carrier and check your email for your unlock code.  Samsung codes will take 1 to 2 days to return.  Rest assured the code will be emailed to you as soon as it’s available.  For free!

T-Mobile and MetroPCS phones that require the “unlock app” are not eligible for this free code.



Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


Across the world people are talking about a new and revolutionary phone on the market. Its sleek design and functions are built just for you, the consumer.
For years Samsung has delivered the newest and most innovative phones to the world. But it has only been in recent years, with the invention of the Samsung Galaxy, that this company has truly risen in popularity. And now, they are reaching the skies with their brand new phone; the Samsung Galaxy S6.
Why the Samsung?
The Samsung Galaxy S6 features new options unavailable in other phones across the country. Perhaps its most popular feature is its new large built in screen. It is also equipped with live, in real time video sharing, and an immersive display design.
Customize It For You
The Galaxy S6 is not just popular in its features, but it also comes in a variety of different customization options. From 32GB to 128 GB options, you can also order your phone in multiple different stylish colors.
Stay Protected
With built in Gorilla Glass, there is no need to worry about the Galaxy S6 cracking when dropped. What is more, the Gorilla Glass serves to enhance the screen display, keeping off smudges and maintaining a vibrant glow that will keep your phone looking like new and crystal clear.
Don’t Get Tangled In Wires
No longer do you have to rely on traditional charging methods to power your Galaxy S6. Although you may use a cord charger if you wish, the S6 comes with the possibility to wirelessly charge the device from a multitude of different wireless charging platforms. In addition, a wireless charging pack can also be included you can charge your S6 anywhere at any time whilst on the go.
Live In The Moment
With a camera that can launch in a mere 0.7 seconds, you will always be able to catch any moment in life with the Galaxy S6. Five and Sixteen pixel cameras ensure the highest quality photos, and with the perfect balance of lighting to make your pictures look exactly how you remember the moment as it happened.
With the Samsung Galaxy S6 you can get the latest phone features found on the market. Not only that, but you can always get the thousands of apps you love and have them easily stored and accessible within your device. Now is not just the time to have any old phone. Get the Galaxy S6 from Samsung and start living with the phone of your dreams.


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    maria munguia

    Quiero des bloquera un telefono me podrian ayudar.

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