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The Rundown:


T-Mobile’s ZTE ZMax is a pre-paid phone that offers major value for those who are less interested in design and cutting edge technology and more so in price and ease of use. Measuring in at 6.4 inches in height, 3.3 inches wide and 0.35 inches thick, the ZTE ZMax is large and can be cumbersome to hold to some users. The 5.7 inch display screen with 720 pixels per inch is much like other budget pre-paid tablets, in that is fine but nothing outstanding.


Device Features:


On the right hand side edge of the ZTE ZMax is the power button and the SIM card slot. On the left hand side is the volume controller as well as the microSD card slot that allows users to expand their data memory allowance. A headphone jack on top as well as a USB port for charging on the bottom of the phone rounds out the device. The battery is also stored on the back of the device, but it is not removable, which can be a pain to some users. On the front of the device, below the display screen, are 3 soft keys for back, home and settings functions.




The ZTE ZMax does not use the latest Android processor, but rather the Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which may not provide lightning speeds, but is quick enough for most users. Basic apps have been pre-programmed by T-Mobile, such as typical task management apps, and many users may find these to be all they need to get by or download more if necessary.


Dual cameras, a 1.3 mega pixel lens on the front and an 8 megapixel on the back, allows for users to take standard photos as well as selfies and the overall quality for photos are good. The built in memory holds 16 GB, but with the use of microSD card slot, can expand up to 32 GB if desired. 2GB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.0 are also included in the ZTE ZMax.


Users boast the audio quality of the high definition Dolby EQ sound, so MP3 playback and other entertainment options such as video clips and games sound excellent on this device.


Final Words:


T-Mobile’s ZTE ZMax is certainly a great value. It clocks in at a low price and is a prepaid phone that can be purchased from T-Mobile without having to engage in a contract. The battery life is also a plus, so users do not need to charge their ZTE ZMax on a daily basis, unlike with most cell phones.
Call quality is good and users are able to access the internet on the ZTE ZMax’s 4G LTE capabilities. Besides the basics, however, this device does not go overboard with snappy functions or technological breakthroughs. If price and ease of use are the major selling points for users, then T-Mobile’s ZTE ZMax is a great choice.





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