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How to unlock Blackberry Dakota

The Blackberry Dakota, unlocked, should work on almost any GSM network.  To unlock the BlackBerry Dakota you’ll need an unlock code in order to remove the cell phone’s SIM lock.

To unlock your phone for free, contact the carrier the device is locked to, like Rogers, AT&T, etc.  If the carrier won’t provide you a free unlock code we have linked to a couple of the best online sources for unlock codes throughout this article. After you obtain your Blackberry Apollo unlock code you can use the following free unlock code instructions:

How To Unlock BlackBerry Dakota

1. Turn off the Wireless Radio
2. Next go to Settings > Options > Advanced Options > SIM Card
3. Now, hold down the ALT key and press the keys that correspond to: m e p d
4. Next hold down the ALT key again and press the keys that correspond to: m e p 2
5. You should see a menu where you can put in a 16 digit code and 10 tries to punch it in correctly.
6. After you enter in the code, press Enter.
7. It should say “Device Unlocked” and you have an unlocked Blackberry.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free code from your carrier doesn’t always work.  If you’re having difficulty getting your unlock code from the carrier your Blackberry Dakota is locked to we recommend gsmunlocklabs.com  or www.instantblackberrycode.com/ for all your BlackBerry unlocking needs.

Note: Instructions on this page (and site) are not guaranteed to work with every model. If you enter the wrong unlock code too many times you could enable a security lock on your SIM card.

Blackberry Dakota

Free Unlock Blackberry Dakota CodeThe Blackberry Dakota, also known as the Blackberry Magnum,  is a whopping 11mm thin, has Wi-Fi connectivity, functions as a 3G hotspot  and comes running BlackBerry OS 6.1.

BlackBerry Dakota


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