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HTC Desire 626 Unlock

HTC Desire 626 Unlock


The HTC Desire 626: Hot or Not?


There are so many smartphones coming out in the market every so often and deciding which one to buy can be quite difficult for some. Most of the time, the choice is between an iPhone and an Android smartphone. If you’re going for an Android phone, there’s a wide range of brands that you can choose from depending on your style, function needs and budget. If you’re shopping for one today, you may want to consider the HTC Desire 626. This smartphone is definitely one of the hottest in the market because of its lightweight and slim body and powerful features. Another great thing about it is that you have a set of vibrant colors to choose from so you’d definitely find one that suits your style.


Main Features of the HTC Desire 626


These are the main features of the HTC Desire 626 that you would most probably want to know. For the full list of specifications, please click here.


·         Size: 146.9 x 70.9 x 8.19 mm

·         Weight: 140g

·         5-inch HD display

·         CPU Speed: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 210, quad-core, 4 x 1.1GHz

·         Android Platform: Android™ with HTC Sense™

·         Memory: 16GB, 1.5GB DDR, Micro SD support (up to 200GB)

·         4G LTE

·         8MP Main Camera with LED Flash, 5MP Front Camera, 720p video recording

·         Nano SIM


Pros and Cons of the HTC Desire 626


Whether you’d like or dislike the HTC Desire 626 is purely subjective. If you’re a fan of large mobile phones, then its 5-inch display would most likely be a great choice for you. It is slim and lightweight, so it isn’t exactly bulky, but it still won’t fit easily inside most pockets. Its rear camera at 8MP is good enough but wouldn’t be too awesome for camera photography enthusiasts. For comparison purposes, it is good to note that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ cameras are just at 8MP too. Its 720p recording can be better because there are other smartphones in the market which features HD 1080p video recording. However, for its low price of just over $230 on Amazon, the HTC Desire 626 is a steal. Probably the best feature of the HTC Desire 626 is its 16GB internal memory that’s expandable up to 200GB via a Micro SD card. If you like downloading way too many apps and games, and storing music, photos and videos on your mobile phone, this would be ideal for you.


Nowadays, owning a mobile phone is a necessity for many and having one that’s reliable and stylish at the same time is a must. You don’t want to bring out a hideous looking phone when in a party or a meeting, don’t you? If all you want are the basic features of a smartphone in a powerful package that will allow you to make most out of your mobile experience, then the HTC Desire 626 would be perfect for you.


Despite some of the things that could have been better about the HTC Desire 626, its price and appearance still make it a hot smartphone!