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LG G Flex coming to AT&T

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We touched on the LG G Flex with it’s new form factor/curved/flexible (or “self-healing” as LG likes to call it) display the other day and hear today that the new LG device is headed to AT&T very soon.  Like very soon as in a few days, January 24.  Those of you expecting to get Android 4.3 Kit Kat on this device are going to be upset – it’s going to ship with 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.  Can we expect an update to Kit Kat soon?  Hopefully, but with some of the software LG has on this….we’re not going to hold our breath.

You can unlock LG G Flex for free a couple of different ways.  It’s not really “unlocking” it, but you can buy an unlocked LG G Flex or after you purchase the subsidized version from AT&T you can ask AT&T for a free LG G Flex unlock code.   Like most carriers and new phones – you’re probably going to have to wait at least 90 days before they give up an unlock code.

You can get a free LG G Flex unlock code by completing following the link below and completing a TrialPay offer.  Complete the TrialPay offer and receive your free LG G Flex unlock code.


You can also buy the same IMEI unlock code that you would get from AT&T from either of the providers below:

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LG G Flex bumpy screen after too much flexing

LG G Flex bumpy screen



It seems if you frequently flatten your brand new LG G Flex or use excessive force when flattening the device that it just might form 2 little bumps on the screen.  Apparently LG was well aware of this happening  before they launched the phone and insists that the bumps do not affect the screen performance and therefore moved forward with their launch of the device.   If you press these bumps down, they disappear or if you leave them alone for long enough they will also disappear.  LG said the G Flex was designed “Protect the device from damage and sudden impacts such as being sat on or laid on” and is not suitable for being continuously flattened or bent.

The phone is available in Korea and is expected to be available on most major carriers in the US by the end of March and since these don’t affect the screen performance, go away when pushed or go away on their own, we don’t expect this to affect sales of the new LG G Flex.  The rumored price of the device, however, might have some impact.  The unlocked version of the LG G Flex is rumored to be about $1100.  It might be best to get this device on contract and subsidized by your favorite carrier.  We’ve found one on Amazon for about $400 less than that “rumored” price.  Check it out here: LG G Flex F340 S/K Real Round Curved P-OLED 6″ HD LTE-A 32GB Smartphone Phone

For more details on the LG G Flex screen bump issue, check out the links below:

LG G Flex suffers from bumpy screen defect  |  Digital Trends

If you already have the LG G Flex and need to unlock it, you can unlock LG G Flex for free here:  unlock LG for Free

Unlock LG G Flex for Free

Unlock LG G Flex for Free

LG announce the G Flex this week at CES and in some respects have launched a new phone with a completely new form factor…..ala Flex.  We’re not 100% convinced the curved phone is enough to justify the probably $200 – $300 more that you’ll pay for this device than you would for a comparable phone (LG G2, Samsung GS4, etc).  That said – the phone does measure in with a 6 inch display, so has a very large display, even when compared to some of the other larger phones out there.  Not quite phablet, but definitely getting there.

Unlock LG G Flex

Buy an unlocked LG G Flex

If you’re looking to unlock the LG G Flex – don’t worry – we’ve already located two unlocking vendors that tell us they’ll be able to unlock the device.  Both vendors offer IMEI unlock codes which are permanent and both offer a “free” version of the unlock code.  If you complete your checkout on either site with TrialPay and complete the TrialPay offer you’ll receive the unlock code for free!  As usual – you can also get a free unlock code from the carrier the device is locked to – simply call them and ask for it.  Since this is a brand new phone many of them are going to delay you at least 90 days before they give up a free unlock code.  If you got the time – it’s a great way to get a free LG G Flex unlock code.

LG G Flex Unlock Code for FREE:


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If you’re interested in some G Flex hands-on and specs and all the latest details on the LG G Flex we have the details below, check them out:

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