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We believe you’ll concur– the LG G3 is without a doubt the very best LG has actually launched up until now with among its most obvious functions being the extra-large, extremely clear screen.

And a fantastic 538 ppi that far surpasses its competitors. It has a much sharper image than the other leading selling Android phones however the greater resolution eats a lot more of the battery life.

They are simple to reach as soon as you get made use of to looking for them in the back of the phone instead of the front of the phone as on the Galaxy S5. The LG G3 makes use of on screen secrets instead of a physical house button which we discover much more practical.

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New for the LG G3 is a detachable battery and a detachable micro SD slot. This is a function that we understand a great deal of the LG owners have actually been awaiting.

The G3 has a Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor 2.5 GHz which is lighting quick when you are surfing the internet or playing 3D video games on it. The processor is quick sufficient to keep even the video games with the most recent graphics running efficiently.

The brand-new metallic frame is constructed out a polycarbonate product so it has the feel of a quality phone individuals have actually concerned anticipate.

The brand-new user interface of the phone has clearer icons and the UI does not look like a youngster must be running it. Along with looking much better it is less littered that the previous variation.

Another terrific function is the 13MP cam with a broader angle on it. It likewise has a front 2.1 MP electronic camera that includes a laser automobile focus that makes it the quickest concentrating mobile phone on the marketplace.

The one failure with the G3 is it’s speaker/sound. It was unclear and did not have the volume and depth that we get out of a high-end gadget.

All in all we would advise the LG G3 to any individual. It is more reasonably priced than the other luxury cellular phone and while various providers charge various costs it is essentially about fifty dollars much cheaper that its equivalents and has all the top of the line showcases that power users are searching for.

Unlock LG G3

Unlock LG G3 – The LG G3 is the successor to last year’s LG G2 and much is expected from the new device. Speculation is ripe as to what the G3 will be bringing to the table. Here is some of what can be expected.


The LG G3 will likely come with a QHD 1440 x 2560 display, and measure a more than reasonable 5.5 inches in size. The QHD screen will certainly make the device stand out amongst others in its category. You can therefore expect sharper images and video than what is seen on most Smartphones these days, and this will make using the phone a pleasurable.

Processor and RAM

The LG G3’s predecessor, the LG G2, came fitted with a Snapdragon 800 processor that was 2.26GHz quad-core, and that was very impressive. For the LG G3 however it is widely believed that the company will be employing its own in-house octa-core Odin processor. This new processor from LG is about to be launched very soon, which make the timing significant for the debut of the LG G3. The processors speed should come in at around 2 GHz with its eight cores and this will surely make the G3 much faster than the LG G2. As for the RAM, the G3 is likely to have at least 2GB.

Operating system

The device should be running Android 4.4 KitKat which would not be surprising as there is not better Android Operating System out there. LG’s Optimus UI will be used on the G3 and it includes Knock Code, which is a recent innovation that allows users to turn it on when it’s off and unlock it, by tapping a pattern on the screen. This next generation user interface will be flatter.


The LG G3 is likely to come with a 13MP or a 16MP sensor with dual-LED flash and an improved Optical Image Stabilisation technology. This should ensure significantly superior photos are taken. The camera is also likely to offer video recording of 4K and slow motion video at 120fps. The front-facing camera has been touted to be 2MP.

The chassis

The device may keep the rear volume buttons, although their design is likely to be flatter in an effort to achieve a sleeker build. The back of LG G3 is possibly going to be the same as the G2, made from a polycarbonate, but with a matte look instead of glossy. Users will be able to remove the back cover in accordance with what’s expected. The power key is tipped to see a bit of a change with it being infused with LED. Internal storage for the LG G3 should be at least 32GB and will be expandable with the standard microSD slot. It should also have a water-resistant body and a long lasting 3000mAh battery.

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LG G3 Unlock Code

LG G3 Unlock Code Free

LG G3 Unlock code – “To be simple is to be great” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said and LG is apparently going to show us how they interpret that simpleness and greatness on May 27th when the launch the next generation of their flagship device the LG G3.

LG G3 Unlock Code

Really until just recently everything we “knew” about the LG G3 was a rumor and many of the things we “know” are still just that.  The only thing firm at this point is that there are a # of cases already made and available for the LG G3 and that LG has confirmed it’s launch date.  Some say May 27th is already too late after the launch of the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.   We’ll find out if they’re right in about 27 days.

Rumored names for the device are:  LG G3 D850 for Europe and   LG G3 LS990 for Sprint.

Below you can find a few articles about the rumored specs and about every other rumor we’ve heard about the LG G3:

LG G3 launches 27 May, but is already ‘late to the party’   |   CNET

LG G3 – Full phone specifications   |   GSMArena

LG G3 release date, news and rumors   |   TechRadar

Unlock LG G3

Once you get your hands on your new LG G3 on the 27th, you’ll probably want to unlock it.  We’ve reached out to our usual sources for IMEI unlock codes and have confirmed both will support the LG G3 IMEI unlock shortly after its launch.  Each site will offer a FREE LG G3 Unlock Code if you checkout using TrialPay.

Unlock LG G3 Code   |   GSMUnlockLabs

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Unlock LG G3

Unlock LG G3

The cell phone rumor mill is at full steam lately with rumors on the successor to the HTC One (call the HTC M8 right now) and now the talk of the successor to the LG G2, the LG G3 is picking up steam.  It seems almost like the LG G2 was just released but LG is prepping for the launch of the LG G3.  The latest rumors point to May 17th as the launch date, presumably trying to get a jump on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 5.  The latest leak also reports the specs for the LG G3 including a 5.5 inch QHD dislplay (2560 x 1440), an LG Odin octa-core CPU and a 16MP camera.  We’ll be interested to see how these rumored specs stack up to the device when it’s actually released (in May?).

Check out some of the latest buzz and details on the latest leaks of specs and other details on the LG G3:

LG G3 rumored for May 2014 release  |  Phandroid

LG G3 Release Date Tipped For Launch In May, To Boast 5.5 inch 2K Display, Snapdragon 805, OIS Camera  |  KpopStarz

5.5″ LG G3 to arrive May 17th, 5.9″ G Pro 2 to start warming the bench next month, both with QHD displays  |  PhoneArena

If you are excited about the LG G3 you’re probably also going to want to unlock the device.  There are a number of ways to get an unlock code or get an unlocked LG G3, including just buying a factory unlocked phone.

1.  buy LG G3 factory unlocked

2.  call the carrier or provider the phone is locked to and request a free unlock code

3.  purchase an imei unlock code for the LG G3

4.  get a free LG G3 unlock code by completing a TrialPay offer

The first option is simple enough.  Find a source selling a factory unlocked LG G3 and buy it.  You might even be lucky enough to find a device that comes with stock Android this way as well.  The second method is also pretty straight forward.  Call your provider and ask them for an unlock code for your LG G3.  You will have to be a customer in good standing and in some cases have to wait 90 days for them to provide you a code.  If neither of the first two options sound appealing to you, that’s fine, you can purchase the same IMEI unlock code you would get from the carrier from each of the unlocking vendors below:

Unlock LG G3  –  GSMUnlockLabs

Code for unlocking LG G3UCPC

In most cases you can simply insert a sim from another carrier into your LG G3 and the phone will prompt you to enter your unlock code.  Enter the unlock code you were given by one of the providers above and you’re LG G3 is permanently unlocked!  If you have issues with this method, try the other LG unlock code instructions:

How to unlock LG

Instructions to enter an LG unlock code

LG Unlock instruction set #1

  • Power on your LG device with a non-accepted sim card. The phone will prompt you to enter the unlock code provided by GSMUnlockLabs.com

LG Unlock instruction set #2


  • On your LG device goto the dial screen and press 2945#*model number# (example: if your phone is an LG P999 you enter 2954#*999#
  • Enter the unlock code provided by GSMUnlockLabs.com when prompted

LG Unlock instruction set #3


  • On your LG device goto the dial screen and press 2945#71001#
  • Enter the unlock code provided by GSMUnlockLabs.com when prompted

LG Unlock Instruction set #4


  • On your LG device goto the dial screen and press *#865625#
  • Enter the unlock code provided by GSMUnlockLabs.com when prompted