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How to Unlock T-Mobile HTC HD7 / HD3 (Mondrian)

T-Mobile HTC HD7 / HTC HD3 Unlocking Instructions


Unlocking Instructions for HTC Mondrian How to insert the Unlock CODE into your HTC Mondrian

  1. Insert a not accepted SIM Card and turn ON your HTC Mondrian. 
  2. When prompted, enter unlock CODE you received from GSMUnlockLabs.com
Attention! You must turn the wireless mode to OFF and use the onscreen keyboard.
  1. Your HTC Mondrian is now unlocked!
If you see a message Sim lock. You can still make emergency calls your phone has a blocked counter due to several previous incorrectly entered unlock codes. The only solution in this case is to upgrade phone’s ROM which will reset the counter and allow to enter the code.

How To Get An Unlock Code

Getting a free code from your carrier doesn’t always work. If you’re having difficulty getting your unlock code from T-Mobile or any other carrier for the G2 we recommend GSMUnlockLabs.com or UnlockCellPhoneCode.com for all your cell phone unlocking needs.

T-Mobile HTC HD7 / HTC HD3

HTC HD7 / HD3 MondrianT-Mobile HTC HD7 / HD3

The HTC HD7 goes by a few different names.  There’s HTC Gold.  HTC Diamond3 and HTC Mondrian.  Whatever you want to call it, it seems T-Mobile will be releasing it soon.    Below you’ll find unlocking guides for the HTC HD7, reviews, pictures and the latest info available on the windows phone 7 device rumored to drop any day now with HTC and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Unlocking Codes & Guides, news, reviews and pictures of the HTC HT7 (Mondrian)


  • Unofficial preliminary specifications – Also known as HTC HD7, HTC Gold, HTC Diamond3, HTC Mondrian  —  gsmarena.com
  • HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 specs leaked  —  gearlive.com


T-Mobile HTC HD7 / HD3 (Mondrian) Unlock Codes and Unlocking Guides: