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Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020

Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020

If you were looking for a camera that was also a phone, the AT&T Nokia Lumia is the camera (phone) for you.  The phone’s about screen shows the device as the 909….so I guess that’s what it was called at one point, the Lumia 909?  The Lumia 1020 comes in 3 colors, yellow, white and black.  it’s got the same AMOLED screen as the Lumia 925 and runs a dual-core 1.5GHz processor.  All-in-all the big seller for this phone is the camera, a 41 MP lens.  yes.  41 MP.  again, it’s a camera that also is a phone.  The phone hardware is nothing you haven’t seen before….but have you seen a phone with a 41 MP camera?  We haven’t.

Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020

Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020 –  If you’re looking to unlock your Lumia 1020 than we can help you out.  The two sources below each offer the Lumia 1020 (as well as the 900, 920, etc) unlock codes and each has a free option.  Get your free Lumia 1020 unlock code by choosing TrialPay at checkout.  Complete the TrialPay offer and get your Nokia Lumia 1020 unlocked for free.

Unlock Nokia Lumia 1020GSMUnlockLabs.com

Nokia Lumia 1020 Unlock CodeUCPC

How to unlock Nokia

Instructions to enter a Nokia unlock code

Nokia Lumia Series unlock code instructions

1. Power on your Nokia Lumia device with a non-accepted SIM inside
2. The Nokia Lumia will prompt you to enter an unlock code
3. Enter the Nokia unlock code provided by GSMUnlockLabs.com
4. Your Nokia Lumia device is permanently unlocked

Unlock the T-Mobile Nokia Astound

How to unlock the Nokia Astound from T-MobileComing soon to T-Mobile:  Nokia Astound.  Current specs on the Astound show it’s going to work on the GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 bands making it an ideal candidate to unlock.  Unlocking the T-Mobile Nokia Astound will allow you to use almost any SIM or carrier in the US and across the world.  T-Mobile will sim lock the phone to their network, so you’ll want to contact them for your unlock code.  Contacting the carrier the device is locked to is always the easiest way to get your unlock code.  Unfortunately many carriers are reluctant to give you the unlock code unless your account is in good standing and you tell them you’re going over seas or give them another reason that you need to unlock your device.


To unlock the Astound you’ll need to get your code from T-Mobile or a source for unlock codes on the net like UnlockCellPhoneCode.com.    Your unlock code will be specific to your phone and your phones IMEI.  You can get the IMEI of your device by typing *#06# on your Astound keypad.  You will need to give your IMEI to T-Mobile or to an unlock service in order to get your IMEI unlock code.  Once you have your code you’ll need to know how to enter it and lift the sim lock T-Mobile placed on your phone.


Guide for unlocking the T-Mobile Nokia Astound


1. Power ON your Nokia mobile phone without your SIM card.
2. Now type: #PW+CODE+1# (Where CODE is your Nokia unlock code)
3. Your phone should now show “SIM Restriction Off” and is unlocked.

Nokia X7-00 Unlock Codes

Nokia X7-00 unlock codesYou will need a Nokia X7-00 unlock code if you want to unlock the Nokia device.  To prevent you from using any sim you choose on the Nokia X7-00 most carriers will put a sim lock on the cell phone.  The unlock code will lift this restriction, allowing  you to use the mobile phone with almost any sim and GSM carrier.  This can be useful if you’re travelling out of the country or just to change carriers.


There’s several ways to go about getting an unlock code for your Nokia device.  To do so you’ll need your phones IMEI.  To get your IMEI simply enter *#06# on your X7-00 keypad.  Once you have your Nokia X7-00 IMEI you can call your carrier and request an unlock code.  They will ask you for the IMEI.  Some carriers will not release the unlock codes to you unless you’re a customer in good standing.  Others just will refuse to give you the code or stall you until you give up in frustration.  If you’re unable to get your code from your carrier, you’ll need to purchase your code online.  UnlockCellPhoneCode.com comes highly recommended and support most phones and carriers.


Once you’ve obtained an unlock code either from your carrier or from another source you’ll need to enter that on your phone to unlock it.  We show you how below:


How To Unlock Nokia X7-00

1. Remove the SIM card from your Nokia X7-00 and power it on.
2. Now type: #PW+CODE+1# (Where CODE is your Nokia unlock code)
3. Your phone should now show “SIM Restriction Off” and is unlocked.