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IMEI Unlock HTC One M9

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The HTC One M9 is completely focused on precision. You may remember the 4MP sensor in the last phone that they released, but in this phone they have bumped that up to a 20MP option instead in an attempt to win back more customers. That’s no secret, but what you may not know is that they have also teamed up with Dolby to give the phone a solid sound and audio experience as well. On top of this, they have also done their part to increase the battery life as well, which is something that HTC have really struggled with in the past.  If you have owned a HTC before however, you don’t need to worry about this, because this phone actually has a bigger battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S6 so all in all, it is a perfect little device that is bound to serve you well over the next couple of years.

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So let’s move on to the price of this phone. It isn’t cheap at all really but when you take a look at all the new features that they have included, it is somewhat explainable. Even so, if you are on a budget, you may want to avoid this one because it is steep to say the least. On the plus side, the creators at HTC have kept in the Micro SD slot so if you want to add some extra memory, you can without any difficulties at all.

All in all, the HTC One M9 is made to last. It comes with everything you could ever need and there have been some serious improvements as well so if you want a phone that won’t be out of fashion in a  couple of years time then this is certainly for you, but keep in mind, it won’t be cheap.

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Unlock HTC One M8

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Should You Buy The HTC One M8?

Everyone needs a new phone now and again, in fact, you may just want a new phone because you’re sick and tired of your old one failing you, either way, we have compiled this guide for you so you can take a look at the HTC One M8 and everything that it has to offer without having to spend hours searching the internet.

The HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is an upgrade from the previous models to say the least. It is made out of almost 90% metal and this makes it very sturdy and almost comparable to the same luxury design of the iPhone. Of course, it is all down to your personal preference as to whether or not metal is your thing, but it is safe to say that HTC have stepped things up with this one. Another thing that you will find is that the HTC doesn’t heat up as much as you’d think, with it being nearly all metal. Instead, the cooling system keeps the phone comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time, making it completely unique when compared to other big names.

You will also find that it comes with a solid set of speakers and that it also comes with its very own colour range. You can choose from gray, silver or gold and it even comes with an additional slot for your memory card as well. Of course, HTC probably know this, but it is cheaper to buy a new memory card than it is for you to go out and buy the upgraded memory and this is one of the many things that makes this phone affordable, but either way, it is well worth the money and if you want a long lasting, hard wearing device, the HTC One M8 is for you.

Unlock HTC One M8

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Unlock HTC One M9

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free HTC One M9 Unlock Code:

Would You Consider HTC One M9 as the Perfect Smartphone for You?

Are you searching for the best smartphones on the market today? There is no doubt that it would take a while before you find for that one great item. As the New Year comes in, a new selection of Smartphones will also be launched in. This makes searching for the best one even harder.

As 2015 came in, there were perfect Smartphones introduced like the HTC One M9. This same Smartphone model from HTC features a competitive edge than those top brands to find from the industry.

Release Date and Basic info about the HTC One M9

It was only on the first month of March, 2015 that the said Smartphone was launched in Barcelona, Spain. It was only on the thirty-first of March when it became available in the United Kingdom. One of the basic things that consumers might want to take advantage of is its significantly improved ultra sensor pixel, which is 20.7MP.

To add it up, it has its already powerful sound experience that is even more enhanced by teaming up with Dolby. The same enhancement was made with the capacity of the battery.  With all of these interesting things to expect from HTC One M9 come at its expensive price.

What You Will LOVE about HTC One M9

There are many things that are worth liking and desiring for this HTC Smartphone. The top reason was already mentioned. It has its 20MP camera and a 4 ultrapixel camera on the front, a feature designed to support low-light selfies. To take care of the most precious feature of the product, HTC covered its camera with a sapphire glass to help prevent any of those scratches.

If you are that type of person who aligns and shows your personality with all of those things around you, like your Smartphone, you will even love HTC One M9. It comes with various community themes designed for this specific purpose – to allow you of using that exact theme showing your personality. The good thing about these themes is that these do not only change the icon and font styles but even the icon shapes. These themes are also responsible in changing the action bottoms. These are all featured at the bottom part of the screen.

There are also selfie themes that automatically restyle the device with colors based on your wardrobe. This is also every time you’re taking a picture of yourself. It is playful, stylish, personal and unique features you will want to try out the instant you get that gadget.

If you want for a convenient and a customizable Smartphone at hand, HTC One M9 can give that to you with the help of its location-enabled custom widget. This feature automatically shows those apps you commonly used at work and at home based on the GPS location.

Want everything you may possibly need at the right time? That’s possible with M9’s localized lock screen. Through this feature, your lock screen automatically reacts based on the time of the day and your location. For instance, you will find reviews about tasty meals you can find near you come dinner time.

To summarize it all, HTC One M9may be seen as a good option for those who truly love customizing their phones!

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Unlock HTC One M9