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LG G3 Unlock Code

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free LG G3 Unlock Code:

A Bit of History

LG G3 Unlock Code – In the fast paced, ever-changing realm of smart phone retailing, it is often difficult to keep up with the latest trends.  Once there was a day when the technology we quaintly referred to as a phone was something we purchased and kept for the better part of a decade.  Phones plugged into walls and they stayed there safely.  Even when mobile phones began invading our public spaces, they were robust and hearty pieces of machinery that we paid dearly for and did not replace so easily.  Yet when Apple launched the iPhone in the Summer of 2007, it also initiated a year later a constant cycle of renewal where people had to have the latest and greatest.  This bit of history (though it is hard to think of it in this way) brings us to LG’s G series of phones, which first became available in 2012.  These high-end Android phones have been fighting with their competitors like Apple and Samsung, and holding their own in the process. Continue reading LG G3 Unlock Code

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Unlock Galaxy S6

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlock Code:

Unlock Galaxy S6 – If you’ve picked up the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 – you’re probably ready to unlock it. At the end of the review there are instructions to unlock the Galaxy S6 and links to sites for the unlock codes. If you have a Galaxy S6 locked to a US carrier – choose “TrialPay” at checkout, sign up for a free trial of Netflix or Gamefly or something similar and get a free unlock code.

The Galaxy S6 is the brand-new flagship smartphone from Samsung and at first look it’s simple to determine who Samsung targeted when they created the S6. Any individual care to take a guess? Yes, that’s right, the S6 intends its sights straight at iPhone clients. Samsung is hoping that the S6 with its spectacular lookouts, fantastic electronic camera and spectacular screen will encourage apple fans to switch device, however is it enough?
In a word, absolutely, the S6 will certainly persuade some individuals to provide it a shot. Let’s look at the visual elements of the phone. The S6 looks very similar to the iPhone 6, with its commercial lookout, neutral colors and costly sensation products. The resemblance does not stop there, with the exact same speaker plan and finger print scanner iPhone users will certainly feel right in your home changing to the S6. Something that gets irritating extremely rapidly and makes certain to trigger issues with the S6 is the wraparound gorilla-glass on the back of the phone. This glass is a continuous finger print and spot magnet, and looks terrible after just an hour of use. The glass on the back and sides of the phone is sure to split simpler than the aluminum backing on other phones, so now you will not simply have to stress about your screen.
The display screen of the S6 is potentially its best function, with a complete quad-HD super-amoled screen, everything looks lovely. If screen resolution and charm are exactly what you appreciate then the S6 is the phone for you, due to the fact that it has the very best screen on the marketplace without a doubt, even much better than the LG G4. The screen is bigger than the iPhone 6, however smaller sized than the G4, at a workable 5.1 inches. Unlike the G4 with its huge battery, the S6 has to make due with a 2550 mAh battery that enables for a simple 4 hours of tough use time. When you think about the G4 will certainly provide you virtually double that, that is comparable to the iPhone however it’s still horrible.
The cam on the S6 is just matched by the G4, the iPhone 6 just can not compare. With its 16 megapixel sensing unit, and stabilization capabilities the S6 takes great pictures. Something else that’s great is the capability to set the cam up the method you desire. The video camera likewise takes much better video than the iPhone and can shooting in 4k. The S6 takes much deeper and warmer photos than the iPhone 6 and does a much better task of honing colors, and in lowlight circumstances the S6 lightens up photos practically much better than your very own eyes can.
Generally, the Galaxy S6 is a terrific phone, packed with functions and adjustable alternatives it can be formed to fit any individual’s requirements. Samsung has lastly overtaken Apple in screen and cam innovation and the phone lastly looks as great as it carries out. When looking to acquire their brand-new phone, iPhone users must seriously think about the S6.

How to unlock Galaxy S6


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Unlock LG G3

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free LG G3 Unlock Code:

We believe you’ll concur– the LG G3 is without a doubt the very best LG has actually launched up until now with among its most obvious functions being the extra-large, extremely clear screen.

And a fantastic 538 ppi that far surpasses its competitors. It has a much sharper image than the other leading selling Android phones however the greater resolution eats a lot more of the battery life.

They are simple to reach as soon as you get made use of to looking for them in the back of the phone instead of the front of the phone as on the Galaxy S5. The LG G3 makes use of on screen secrets instead of a physical house button which we discover much more practical.

Free Code to Unlock LG G3

New for the LG G3 is a detachable battery and a detachable micro SD slot. This is a function that we understand a great deal of the LG owners have actually been awaiting.

The G3 has a Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor 2.5 GHz which is lighting quick when you are surfing the internet or playing 3D video games on it. The processor is quick sufficient to keep even the video games with the most recent graphics running efficiently.

The brand-new metallic frame is constructed out a polycarbonate product so it has the feel of a quality phone individuals have actually concerned anticipate.

The brand-new user interface of the phone has clearer icons and the UI does not look like a youngster must be running it. Along with looking much better it is less littered that the previous variation.

Another terrific function is the 13MP cam with a broader angle on it. It likewise has a front 2.1 MP electronic camera that includes a laser automobile focus that makes it the quickest concentrating mobile phone on the marketplace.

The one failure with the G3 is it’s speaker/sound. It was unclear and did not have the volume and depth that we get out of a high-end gadget.

All in all we would advise the LG G3 to any individual. It is more reasonably priced than the other luxury cellular phone and while various providers charge various costs it is essentially about fifty dollars much cheaper that its equivalents and has all the top of the line showcases that power users are searching for.

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Unlock HTC One M9

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free HTC One M9 Unlock Code:

Unlock HTC One M9 – Quite possibly, and we’re convinced, HTC has masterfully one upped their One M8 model with the release of their One M9. A look at some of the highlights: HTC took the liberty of advancing their audio with Boomsound whilst incorporating Dolby 5.1. The standby & talk times have gotten an impressive boost as well. Elements to surely settle gamers into a pleasurable zen of content.

Moms, dads selfie-snappers alike will note the jump in megapixels from the One M8’s 4MP to 20.7MP. Those numerics are just the tip of HTC’s advancement on the playing field with the One M9. The specs on the competition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 encompass viewing on a marginally miniscule 0.1 inch larger screen. Noteworthy, however, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 provides remarkable resolution at 1440 x 2560 pixels (557 ppi) versus the HTC One M9’s 1080 x 1920 (441 ppi) — HTC has still proven to be well in the game with Qualcom’s Snapgdragon 810 making for impeccable imagery & vivid resolution as well as expanding memory from 2GB to 3GB of RAM. And, still with the MicroSD slot for expansion if that storage isn’t enough. The opposition on the playing field, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, lacks the MicroSD slot — often an appealing safety net for some consumers.

Buy HTC One M9 – Locked & Unlocked

Coined “jewelry-grade”, HTC created a sleek model with the One M9. An enhancement in it’s seamless quality from the HTC One M8. Though there are physical attributes that could still plague some with less than design friendly frustration — including a bit weightier of a phone, keeping a 5-inch screen (Corning Gorilla Glass 4, however), & placement of simple buttons that could incite a “can you hear me now?”.

Overall, with all of the HTC One M9’s breakthrough upgrades — HTC has formulated one of the more impressive smartphones currently available on the market.

How to Unlock HTC One M9



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Free ZTE ZMAX Unlock Code

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free ZTE ZMAX unlock code:

Unlock ZTE ZMAX – While the ZTE ZMAX might not be the most powerful, fastest phablet out there it is a very inexpensive phablet and if that’s what you’re after the ZMAX will deliver (assuming you can overlook a few design flaws). With it’s nearly 6 inch screen (5.7-inch) and 720p disply it’s pretty standard for a phablet or smartphone of this size, but the device is bulky (it’s too heavy) and is difficult to hold in your hand comfortably. With that said – the ZTE ZMAX can be yours for about $250 which is way below typical phablet price of about $750. To get to that sort of price point while still delivering some of the features you expect in a smartphone and in a phablet – ZTE had to cut some corners. The camera isn’t that great. The screen, while HD (720p), is sort of dim. It doesn’t come with the latest version of Android. In the end, if what you want is a phablet that makes calls, texts, surfs the web at LTE speeds – the ZTE ZMAX will work perfectly for you.

How to unlock ZTE ZMAX – Free ZTE ZMAX Unlock Code

Both sites below offer free ZTE ZMAX unlock codes.

Layout – Unless you’re wearing cargo pants – you probably don’t have a pocket big enough for the ZTE ZMAX. It’s dimensions measure 6.4 inches by 3.3 inches and 0.35 inches thick. It weighs 6.7 ounces. It’s big, it’s heavy and you’re not going to use it with just one hand. That’s sort of the case with just about any phablet out there, however, this one is a little too thick and a little too heavy. The Zmax runs Android KitKat 4.4 on a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, has 2GB ram and 16GB internal storage. As mentioned before – you can expand this up to 32GB more via the microSD slot. The ZMAX has bluetooth but does not have NFC (one of the corners cut).

On the left edge of the ZMAX you’ll find your volume rocker and microSD card slot. The microSD slot allows you to expand the phone’s storage up to 32GB. On the other side, the right side, you’ll find your SIM card slot, and your power button. To access either of the SIM or microSD slots you’ll have to use a pin key, a small one, to pop out both trays. On the top of the device you’ll find the headphone jack, and on the bottom the micro-usb charging port. The front of the phone has a 1.6MP camera at the top above the display and below it has 3 buttons for home, back and settings. On the back side of the ZTE ZMAX is an 8MP camera with flash and your speaker (a small slit).

Again – if you just want a basic tablet that doesn’t require true 1080p HD with the latest SnapDragon processor the ZTE ZMAX will work well for you. If you’re someone that needs to have the fastest and most powerful phablet device out there – stick with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge.


Free ZTE ZMAX Unlock Code



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Unlock Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 for Free

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 Unlock Code:

The ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fierce 2 is certainly not one of the high-end Android gadgets. If cost alone is your encouraging aspect you will certainly discover the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 one of the most affordable expense Android gadgets. You can choose up the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 at $126.

While we tear on the specifications of the OneTouch Fierce 2 – it does feature a quad-core processor, Android 4.4 and a 5-inch screen. – while it may be an entry-level Android gadget – it does sport some of the specifications a lot of users are looking for.

The Fierce 2 is a suitable sized gadget, although it is heavy. On the leading right spinal column of the gadget you’ll discover the volume rocker as well as the power/lock button. The majority of individuals most likely will not have any concern holding or dealing with the gadget.

How to unlock Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2

The screen, while 5 inches, does not pack a great deal of visual punch. It’s a 960×540 pixel resolution as well as at complete brightness does not truly offer a wonderful visual display screen. The seeing angles for this gadget are very slim and it’s not advised that you attempt to utilize the gadget in strong sunshine.

One location some users may discover a little luster is in the OS. When it comes to dressing up the 4.4 KitKat OS, Alcatel reveals some restraint. They still handle to offer an Alacatel experience without conflicting too much with the Android experience.

When it pertains to the Fierce 2’s cams – quality isn’t really among the talking points. It features a 5MP electronic camera however does have some settings like HDR and Panorama as well as burst. There are some alternatives for the video camera – simply not a lot of quality when it comes to your capture image.

The phone is provided as supporting HSPA+ 4G (which some suggest is simply 3G that’s called 4G) however does not support LTE. If the least expensive expense Android gadget is exactly what you’re after – the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 is most likely the gadget for you. If you’re prepared to invest simply a couple of dollars more – you can get a far much better experience with something like the Motorola Moto G or the Samsung Galaxy Avant.

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile


Buy Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile

For those looking for an affordable 4G phone in the “uncarrier”, behold, the Samsung Galaxy
Light. A small smartphone that will fit in almost any pocket and will be within most budgets,
that doesn’t try to be more than what it is.

It’s body is the size of the iPhone 4, but the screen is 4 inches diagonally, the size of the
iPhone 5. For today’s standards, it’s tiny. Looking at it, it will remind you of the Galaxy S3
Mini, it’s almost identical. Although a little bulky, still feels very compact and light (no pun
intended) at 4.37 oz.

So, what’s the most attractive feature of the Samsung Galaxy Light from T-Mobile? The price: 0 dollars. Yes, that’s it: “nada” dollars.. upfront, I mean, if you get it with a 2 year contract with T-Mobile, where you
would be paying 10 extra bucks a months for the duration of it. If you want to pay full price,
it’s $140 at

So why would you choose this one? Because it belongs to the prestigious Galaxy line of phones. It
has most of the premium phones’ features, although at not “premium level”. What I mean with this
is that it’s a quad core processor but only 1.4GHz, Front and back camera but no good indoors and
focusing is kind of slow, battery duration is “meh” (will last a day of light use) and yes, it
has the 4G LTE capability, so network speed is going to be very good. The body is shiny glossy
plastic with a removable back that reveals the battery and the micro-sd slot. This glossy finish
will catch fingerprints easy.
On the front, you’ll see the typical Samsung physical home button, with two soft capacitive
buttons, one on each side. The menu and the back button. Just like the big brother Galaxy S4.

The screen is a vibrant 4 inch AMOLED display, with a pixel count of 800 by 480 giving a density
of 233 ppi. Camera is 5 megapixels, video recording only up to 720p, front facing camera is a
disaster and the quad core processor is not very impressive.

Internal memory is rather small: 8GB onboard that can be aided with a big 64GB sd card (or
smaller obviously) with 1GB of RAM.

It comes loaded with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the usual Touchwiz layer on top of it, which
looks exactly as the Galaxy S3 one, with all those useless air gestures and stuff.

The physical measures are:

Size and Weight
4.78 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches
4.3 ounces

Wireless bands:
Quad Band GSM; UMTS: Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100)
If you like how the Galaxy S4 is, but you think it’s too big and you’ll never pay so much for a
smartphone, then this is for you.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Light T-Mobile:


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Unlock HTC M8 – Code name for new HTC One

*****Update 01.15.2016***** Get a free HTC One M8 Unlock Code:

Unlock HTC M8 – Unlock HTC One

There are lots of leaks and rumors about the latest HTC device and it’s apparently referred to as the HTC M8 and is the successor to the HTC One.  And might be called…….the HTC One.  Not to be confused with the HTC One.  Or One X, One S, etc.  Probably not the best name if you want to differentiate the device from it’s predecessor but it’s not the first time the newest release in a device line has the same name as the device before it.  Rumors right now have the device with a 5 inch screen, a Snapdragon 800 chip and we can only assume a camera that rivals the one the current HTC One has.

Check out what the rest of the internet has to say about the rumored new HTC One, aka HTC M8:

New HTC One to Launch in March with Improved Camera, Report Says  |  TechnoBuffalo

HTC’s next flagship expected to launch in March, will come with a 5-inch display  |  MobileSyrup

If you’re as excited about the HTC One, or HTC M8, as we are you’re probably also going to want to unlock it.  We’ve got you covered there.  We’ve checked with our usual sources and both confirm they will be able to unlock this device shortly after it launches.  Both unlock code vendors are also partnered with TrialPay and can offer free HTC M8 or HTC One unlock codes.  Just choose TrialPay at checkout, complete the TrialPay offer and receive your free IMEI HTC M8 or HTC One unlock code.

Unlock HTC M8  –  GSMUnlockLabs

Code for unlocking HTC M8UCPC

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Unlock LG Optimus F3Q

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q for Free

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q

We keep hearing about leaks and rumors regarding LG’s latest attempt to keep the physical QWERTY keyboard alive, the LG Optimus F3Q.  The most recent leaks include the image of the device below.  The latest leak also includes some specs for the device that’s rumored to be heading to T-Mobile.  The Optimus F3Q should arrive sporting a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, a 4 inch WVGA display, LTE capable and a 5MP camera.

Unlock LG Optimus F3Q

You might think it’s odd to see a new Android phone being released with a full, physical, QWERTY keyboard but LG sure doesn’t.  There are plenty of people out there (Blackberry users!) that still prefer a real keyboard.  We are convinced those people are afraid of a touchscreen keyboard and simply haven’t used one….but we’re also sure none of them would ever admit such a thing.  And so phone manufacturers, it seems, will continue to make phones that cater to these fools users.

The phone is expected to be launched on T-Mobile at the end of this month.  The date we’ve seen is January 22….which is very soon, so we’ll see.


If you’re looking to unlock the LG Optimus F3Q both sites below assure us that once the phone drops they’ll be able to unlock it and better yet, both of them will have a free unlock code option available.

Unlock LG Optimus F3QGSMUnlockLabs

Code for unlocking LG Optimus F3QUCPC


For more details on the latest LG Optimus F3Q leaks, check out the links below:

LG F3Q for T-Mobile shows off a new look in latest leak  |  Pocketnow

LG Optimus F3Q Leaks Again With Slide-Out Keyboard  |  TechnoBuffalo

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Unlock LG G Flex for Free

Unlock LG G Flex for Free

LG announce the G Flex this week at CES and in some respects have launched a new phone with a completely new form factor…..ala Flex.  We’re not 100% convinced the curved phone is enough to justify the probably $200 – $300 more that you’ll pay for this device than you would for a comparable phone (LG G2, Samsung GS4, etc).  That said – the phone does measure in with a 6 inch display, so has a very large display, even when compared to some of the other larger phones out there.  Not quite phablet, but definitely getting there.

Unlock LG G Flex

Buy an unlocked LG G Flex

If you’re looking to unlock the LG G Flex – don’t worry – we’ve already located two unlocking vendors that tell us they’ll be able to unlock the device.  Both vendors offer IMEI unlock codes which are permanent and both offer a “free” version of the unlock code.  If you complete your checkout on either site with TrialPay and complete the TrialPay offer you’ll receive the unlock code for free!  As usual – you can also get a free unlock code from the carrier the device is locked to – simply call them and ask for it.  Since this is a brand new phone many of them are going to delay you at least 90 days before they give up a free unlock code.  If you got the time – it’s a great way to get a free LG G Flex unlock code.

LG G Flex Unlock Code for FREE:


Unlock LG G FlexGSMUnlockLabs

Code for Unlocking LG G FlexUCPC


If you’re interested in some G Flex hands-on and specs and all the latest details on the LG G Flex we have the details below, check them out:

Hands On With the LG G Flex for Sprint  |

G Flex: At CES, LG announces curved-screen smartphone for U.S. this spring  |  The Washington Post

LG G Flex – Full phone specifications  |  GSMArena